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  Flixborough Revisited (The Chemical Engineer, April 2005) recalls that a Public Inquiry controversially claimed that the explosion was due solely to a plant modification and describes the alternative causation theory that is now widely accepted.

Global Environmental Issues (13th November 1990) was the lead paper at a conference sponsored by the Irish IChemE on "The Chemical Industry and the Environment". It reviews the environmental issues of that time (all of which are still with us today!), and outlines what will be necessary to minimise the impact of the chemical industry on the environment.

  Caustic Layering - The Forgotten Hazard (The Chemical Engineer, pp25-8, 8th October 1998). A process operator was blinded and suffered chemical burns during cleaning of a batch reactor with caustic soda. John Cox acted as the expert witness, explaining how mixing different concentrations of caustic solution can result in rapid boiling. His expert opinion was unchallenged.

  Sub-contractors' errors - who is responsible? (The Chemical Engineer, pp20-21, Oct 2004) A road tanker was misdirected to the wrong offloading point, resulting in £11million damage when it was off-loaded. Who was responsible? This article reviews some wider implications of the civil case brought by Albright and Wilson after the explosion at Avonmouth in 1996.

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