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  Cox & Speller have a unique combination of expertise in the chloralkali and associated industries and has provided advice and services to investors and government agencies on the economic, safety and environmental impact of new and existing chloralkali and halogen plants world-wide.

Dr John Cox is recognised by UNIDO as an international expert in chloralkali technology and has advised on investment in, and the improvement of, chloralkali plants around the world, including:-

  • Design, operation and commercial viability of chloralkali plants in the UK, Oman, Nigeria and Libya
  • Technical and marketing studies for chloralkali and related industries in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey
  • Operation of chloralkali plants in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Algeria
  • Environmental impact study and design audit of a chloralkali plant in Hong Kong
  • Hazard assessment of chlorine storage and dosing facilities in the UK and Hong Kong
  • Production of PVC from ethylene and chlorine

Peter Speller has recently completed two assignments for EBRD, advising on improving the performance of iodine and bromine manufacturing plants in Azerbaijan and the Ukraine.

Olwen Cox has five years' operational experience in the chloralkali industry as a process engineer and hazards analyst, bringing her expertise in operational aspects of chlorine manufacture to the team. She has direct operational experience of:

  • Brine Pretreatment
  • Membrane Cell Technology
  • Downs Cell Operation
  • Chlorine Treatment and Liquefaction
  • Chlorine Absorption
  • Road Tanker Loading

All enquiries to:
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Tel +44 (0)2920 751 739