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  Cox & Speller provides expertise in the following areas, to assist operating companies in meeting long and short term environmental challenges:
  • Preparing applications under Environmental Permitting Regulations
  • Design and Operation of Pollution Abatement Plant
  • Design and Operation of Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Waste Minimisation Audits
  • Waste to Energy using Advanced Thermal Technologies
  • Conversion of biomass and waste to liquid fuels

Peter Speller holds an MSc in Integrated Pollution Management (the key qualification of many of the UK Environment Agency's Inspectors), and has prepared a number of successful applications for Authorisation under the IPPC Regulations, (now the Environmental Permitting Regulations). He has design and operational experience of industrial waste gases and effluent treatment plant, and has performed a number of waste minimisation studies at industrial sites.

Peter has also performed technical due diligence studies on waste to energy processes employing pyrolysis and other processes to produce alternative fuels.  He participated in the Carbon Trust "Pyrolysis Challenge", which aimed to convert biomass to transport fuels by pyrolysis and downstream upgrading. He is currently assisting two clients with the design of facilities to convert food wastes and cellulosic wastes into ethanol using enzymatic and biological processes.

Dr John Cox has performed Environmental Impact Assessments for existing and proposed chemical plants in the UK, United States and Hong Kong. He has appeared at several UK Public Enquiries where environmental issues were central to the debate, and served on the editorial panel of the Environmental Protection Bulletin of the UK Institution of Chemical Engineers.

All enquiries to:
Carreg Coch, 5 Lisvane Road, Llanishen, CARDIFF, CF14 0SA, United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)2920 751 739